Going back home is always such a good feeling. Being surrounded by siblings and by memories is pleasing and yet very nostalgic.

As every year, we are all promising to our future self tons of hopes and resolutions for the new upcoming year. I cleared up my mind and wrote down my realistic resolutions for my 2018. Let me share with you my goals for this year.

I intent to keep healthy relationship with my soul, mind and body.

I will be focusing on the positive vibe around me and stress less.

I will invest in flourishing friendships with people I care.

I intent to surround myself with people who will help each other to grow further.

I am planning to study "new language" at least half an hour every day.

I intent to invest more time into blogging and work on a new design.

Planning to travel again each month to either new places or re-visit places to discover further.

I will find my inner happiness and love.

And few personal ones which I will kept for myself. And what are your resolutions?


Photos by: My Linh

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