As the holiday season is finally upon as, many girls and ladies from all over the globe have already started to think about their party outfits and everything that accompany them. If you’re one of them – welcome to the club! However, if you still aren’t sure how to get it all done, you really don’t have to worry at all, because we have some useful tips for you. Here’s a fantastic holiday season glam guide, so check it out and shine bright like a diamond at the upcoming party!

Style your hair in a glamorous way

Glamorous hairdos will never go out of style, and one of them is a classic roll-up. This one requires only a long piece of flexible foam with a slit in the middle. All you should do is to slide your hair an inch from the ends right into the slit, and then roll the foam horizontally up to the nape. Use a couple of bobby pins to secure the roll, and add a stunning glittery comb at the top of it for a fantastic visual effect. Apart from being extremely pretty and attractive, this hairstyle is extremely easy as well – it takes just a couple of minutes, which will save you a lot of time and money!

Opt for professional cosmetic treatment for the ultimate glow

No makeup product will help you look refreshed and youthful if you don’t take proper care of your skin. So, if you want a quick fix and wonderful results that are visible instantly – you should definitely go for a professional cosmetic treatment. Hollywood stars simply adore treatments like microdermabrasion, medical needling, and radio frequency skin tightening, since they give fabulous results in no time. Celebrities often opt for them before an important event, and they are surely a great choice if you want to shine at an upcoming party. Just be sure you consult with cosmetic medicine experts, so that you make a great decision that’ll positively affect your appearance and boost your self-esteem.

Pick a perfect clothing combo

As for your holiday outfit, there are so many fabulous combos you can opt for. Even though dressing from head to toe in sequins may be considered as way too predictable, the truth is that such an outfit is truly timeless simply because the holiday season is all about glam and glitter. However, if you want a shiny outfit with a little twist, you should definitely go for metallic shades. You won’t make a mistake with silky, wide-leg gold pants and a simple sheer metallic blouse. This is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd without making everyone at the party go blind. Tuxedo dresses are also a huge trend this season, and these are ideal for a holiday cocktail party in your office. 

Come up with the ultimate holiday makeup look 

Even though people often say that your holiday makeup look should correspond to your outfit in terms of colour scheme, the truth is that you can come up with any makeup look you like, no matter the style of your clothing combo. However, there are some guidelines you should always follow. First of all, a primer is an absolute must, since it’ll lock in your foundation and help your makeup last all night long.

After applying a foundation, be sure you cover your dark circles with some concealer, and then set it with some loose powder to prevent it from creasing. The next step is contouring and highlighting, and you should do it according to your own preferences. A touch of blush for rosy cheeks is also required, as well as a bold lipstick that perfectly matches any neutral eye look. On the other hand, intense smoky eye goes with a nude lip, but as already stated – you can wear literally anything you like on your face, without any question.

As you can see, each of these four steps is absolutely essential when it comes to your glamorous holiday look. Just be sure you don’t skip any of these, and you’ll come up with a flawless outfit, hairstyle, and makeup look everyone will be envious of!

                                           This is a guest post by Amy Mia  (Facebook Twitter)