7 Fashion Rules You Should Implement Into Your Home Décor

Are you a die-hard fashionista? Do you love clothes and fashion more than anything? If fashion is an important part of your life, you naturally want to implement it into other areas too like interior decoration. Home décor doesn’t follow the same rules as fashion does, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any similarities between the two. We bring you seven important fashion rules which will help you decorate your home better.

1 – Accessorize your walls

When you have a gorgeous necklace, you’re not wearing it underneath your clothes. On the contrary, you wear it so that everyone can see it and you even pick colour and design which is most likely to draw attention and show off your good taste. Just as you wear necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in public, you can display them in your home. Find an innovative way to display your accessories, for example decorate old picture frames with lace, hang your necklaces there, and hang the frame on the wall.

2 – Adding texture

We all love layers, we love the freedom of movement and the delight of feeling different textures on our skin: soft wool sweater and silky button-down shirt are fun to wear and they look smart too. This lovely tactile approach to fashion can be used in home décor too: by layering materials of different textures and colours you will get fantastic results in any room in your home. Fluffy faux fur blankets against silk and velvet throw pillows, smooth chintz beside cool leather, shimmery glitter and soft cotton… All of these feel great and look good in a room too.
7 Fashion Rules You Should Implement Into Your Home Décor

3 – Embrace both formal and casual

If your personal preference doesn’t exclude any particular style and you love experimenting with girly dresses and fierce leather, why not choose the same approach for interior design? Feel free to experiment with different pieces of furniture and combine modern and rustic, industrial and romantic, glamour and futurism… Pair up modern IKEA chairs with an antique wooden dinner table, vintage vanity with LED lamps, and metallic vases with embroidered tablecloths. Romantic bedroom and industrial style bathroom aren’t mutually exclusive, so feel free to experiment.

4 – Decorate with clothes

Why not use your clothes to decorate your home? Lovely patterned dresses and soft knit scarves will look great when hanged on your door or placed on your sofa. Scarves in particular aren’t meant to spend eternity in dark drawers when they can be knotted on small hooks on a wall and their colour and softness can make the room more inviting.
7 Fashion Rules You Should Implement Into Your Home Décor

5 – A touch of glamour

When in doubt – glam up! A touch of eyeliner and some red lipstick can magically transform your regular outfit into an elegant one. The same goes for home décor: a bit of sparkle and softness go a long way in transforming the way a room looks. Metallic picture frames, a bouquet of fresh flowers in a crystal vase, glittery pillowcase on a sofa, new tablecloth, scented candle in a red-coloured glass or simply an intricately carved wooden ashtray will make the room look completely different.

6 – Different styles

When you’re getting dressed, do you wear only one label’ do you buy clothes made by one designer only? Even on the runway it’s practically impossible for models to wear clothes, shoes, and accessories made by one designer. When you go out shopping for your home, don’t get everything in one store. Instead, visit several places and don’t hesitate to visit a flea market, a thrift shop, or a garage sale every once in a while. You never know when you’ll find a beautiful, antique piece you will fall in love with.

7 – Layering is important

We already mentioned how important layering is, but we need to emphasize it once again. Layering textures, patterns, and colours is a form of art, and you need to know how to do it the right way. Pick a base in the room (wall colour is a good starting point) and start by adding two pieces of small-scale prints (gingham, geometric print, ticking stripes, etc). You can also layer curtains, as a combination of light and heavy Eiffel’s drapes will be able to soften the light coming through the window and brighten up the room too.
Keeping up with all fashion trends is practically mission impossible, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up altogether. Home design trends are similar to fashion trends and a number of rules can be applied to both. Most important thing is to understand what you like and dislike and to follow your instincts; that’s the best way to ensure you will feel comfortable in your own clothes as well as in your own home.

7 Fashion Rules You Should Implement Into Your Home Décor
                                                       A guest post written by Helen Bradford