Branding is such a crucial element of growth and success. Branding is not necessarily seen in businesses, but in each individual as well, and it is so called a personal branding. Growing in a community and environment of ongoing changes and challenges makes us to work on ourself to stand out in some way. We all came across it. We want to be better then somebody. We want better education or work to have better career. We want to be in better group of people to be perceived better. Life is a continuous battle and chasing up on something.

Personal branding is a practice of shaping yourself and market yourself to the world outside. 

As already said, it is useful for career progression as well as within the peers and community you are in. It involves the way you dress and impress others, the knowledge you share, the way you are expressing yourself or even the activities you are doing. Anything that can be associated with  you. In the world of blogging, the blog, social media and oneself is personal branding for each individual blogger and influencer.

Let me share with you 5 things to consider while shaping your personal branding and specifically to the world of digital:

1. Establish your character personality 
Two people clicks together because they understand each other and they have common characteristics and hobbies. And this is what you need to establish online as well with your audience. There is low chance to meet everybody online. That is why you have to crack through the online wall and establish your personality out. People are following you because of what you do and who you are.

2. Be consistent across channels

The worst thing what you can do is to confuse your readers to the point that they will loose an interest. Thus keep in mind to keep consistent voice, content and branding across all your platforms. People are following and reading your articles because they kind of know what to expect and likes what you are doing. Keep it up then!
Clearly think what channels you want to be present. Don't try to be present everywhere just for the sake of it. Some platforms are more relevant then others, depending on your goals and capabilities.

5 tips for personal branding online

3. Design and develop your signature
Establishing your platforms online is one thing. Whether you will want to create a blog, a website, social media or e-shop. The most important thing is your name and branding around it. Creating a unique, memorable name as well as developing the style of yours that will be consistent across, is a crucial step in establishing your brand. If you have a name already, create a logo which you can use across different channels as well as colour palette and font that you will use consistently. I have recently tried out Logojoy design software , where you can create your logo and branding using machine learning algorithms. Just choose your colour pallet, couple of styles you like and it will generate hundreds of logo ideas for you. It is great for inspiration, as well as for actual logo creation. Because at the end you can customize it even more and purchase the logo assets. After purchasing and downloading, you have about 72 hours time frame to change your logo how you want. Logojoy is an easy way to create a unique logo branding for your blog or business.

5 tips for personal branding online

4. Pinpoint your unique value and strengths
It takes time to develop your base, platforms and online persona. Be open minded, ready for changes and keep your eye out there for opportunities and indications. Be ready to analyze your performance, your analytics and ask for opinion. Know where your strengths are and what people actually like about you. Leverage on those and keep it engaging. Don't try to imitate somebody else or don't try to do everything. Try to find your strengths and niche.

5. Be yourself
Most importantly, be yourself. Don't try to fake something or pretend that your life online is different. Your audience will soon or later find out that your voice and content is not authentic. We all know that content is everything. Just sell your story.

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