Greeting from Thailand.
Arrived here almost a week ago and still have one more week to go. The time is passing so quick and the experiences in here are so endless.

Spent couple of first day in Bangkok, exploring the capital city and its surrounding. Today we have left Bangkok and headed up north to Chiang Mai. Bangkok is a great vibrant metropolitan.

Thai people are very polite.
Streets are very clean.
They are riding on the left as in the UK.
Sales people on the market can speak more English than an Uber driver.

Overall, we had a great time out and about in Bagkok (hope you are checking my Insta feed and stories). However, I enjoyed other Asian cities more, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hanoi or Saigon. Nevertheless, I am excited to explore other parts of Thailand. Hopefully more insights into the scenery, nature and traditions. Stay tuned and follow me for regular updates on Instagram!


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