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Coming from Czech republic, been back and forth so many times, but never had a chance to actually write any post on Czech republic. So now I am making it up by sharing with you my top 7 Czech restaurants in Prague where you can have some great knedlíky, guláš, pork knucles or just for a Czech beer. Some of them are touristic, some of them are chain, but mostly, all of them are yummy! Many of them are in the style of a pub, because that is the most common interior look of Czech local places. So don't get scare of, they do serve beyond tapas and beers!

1. Mlejnice
2. Lokal
3. Sklep
4. Kolkovna
5. Nota Bene
6. Na Pekarne
7. La Degustation

Where to eat Czech cuisine in Prague

Where to eat Czech cuisine in Prague

Now that I have shared with you some places where to go for Czech cuisine, let me tell you what you should try! Czech meal have been influenced and has influenced by cuisines of surrounding countries. Therefore you may find similar dishes for example in Austria, Slovakia or Poland. Traditional Czech cuisines is more meat based. The body of Czech meals consist of two or more courses. The first course is a soup, main dish and third course would be either a dessert or compote. The favourite side dishes in Czech are dumplings (knedlíky) or potatoes. Czech is famous for its cakes and pastries as well, so do try some of their bakery and pastries in the local bakery shop or supermarkets. Try snacks such as chlebíčky, větrníky, trubičky, trdelnik, langos and so on.
If I have to name 7 of main Czech dishes that you should try, it would be:

1. Goulash
2. Beef steak tartare
3. Svickova
4. Pork knuckle
5. Shnitzel with mashed potato or potato salad
6. Fried cheese
7. Fruit dumpling

There's just so many meals, snacks that is coming to my mind and makes me craving for them now! Hope that gives you a little of quick overview what to be expecting!

Where to eat Czech cuisine in Prague
Pork knuckle

Where to eat Czech cuisine in Prague
Goulash with beef and bread dumpling 

Where to eat Czech cuisine in Prague
Svickova with potato dumplings and cabbage

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