Autumn is great when there is still sun and colourful leaves on the trees. Do I want a lot?

How do you enjoy your autumn days so far? The time is passing so quickly and soon or later, Christmas will arrive! Believe me or not, but on Oxford street in London, they already put up Christmas lights and now we are just awaiting on the day when it lights on.

Sometimes, I feel like this world around is constantly chasing up and sprinting for something. You do the same. Keep running. Keep running for the good school, good grades, good job, opportunities, satisfaction, happiness and all factors of a good successful life. Running day, night, months, years. Sometimes, when I slow down, when I feel like having a break from the run, people are passing by you and running ahead and telling you to keep it up. Then you feel the pressure of being behind and you start sprinting again. And that's how it goes. Chasing for dreams, chasing for good retirement, chasing for all good things to happen in life. Because instantly, we think that life is too short. Actually not. If we live it in full and do whatever makes us happy and fulfilling us, then we living the maximum of it.

Now. Define successful and good life. I bet there will be various theories and definitions. Because ultimately, success means different things to everybody. 

So people, relax and calm down. Every success counts and everybody runs in different time zone. You are not behind, you are not late. Because once you will reach where you want to be. Believe in yourself and have a nice day!

Don't let you short-term life situation guide you and cheat you on your good life!


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