Summer is still here and if you haven’t had the time to catch up with all the trendy makeup looks of the season, it’s never too late to start. Now, we know what you’re thinking: who would even bother with wearing makeup during summer when everything is going to melt away, no matter what? Well, this is not necessarily true. Not all makeup will lead you to the faith of the Wicked Witch of the West. Quality products will stick around and subtle makeup style will look hotter than a hot summer day. So here are some looks to try out, while you still have the time.

The “no-makeup” look

Have you ever stopped and really looked at the celebrities’ “no-makeup” photos? While some of them are a real deal, many of them are just sporting the “fake-it-till-you-make-it” makeup… and there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, you could try it too, because not all of us are blessed with a perfect complexion. You’ll achieve that by applying a tinted moisturizer (preferably with SPF) and finishing up with drops of Dr. Hauschka's Translucent Bronzing Tip which can help you with both color and protection.

All eyes on your eyes

Summer may be too hot for you to wear full makeup, but if you are going to a party, you need to do something that differs from your daily makeup. It is quite enough to use a bold eye shadow or conspicuous eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

Blue, blue skies

Eyes are the main stars of the summer, because if you choose some really quality products, eye makeup can endure even the highest temperatures and your fiercest moves to Despacito. One of the biggest trends of the year when it comes to the eye makeup is a sky-blue shade that can appear in the form of blue eye shadow or graphic eye liner.

Say it with your lips

Or you can draw attention to your lips. To keep your look fresh and create a backdrop for the drop-dead-gorgeous lips, you should use a natural product, such as Nude by Nature mattifying mineral veil or mineral bronzer. All that you need to do now is to make a statement with orange or coral toned lips.

The golden girl

Another party-till-you-drop summer look is golden eye shadow. You can skip the eye shadow all together and just sprinkle some golden tinsels around your eyes. Or, if you are willing to take some chances with a true runway look – try out a golden lipstick.

Nude smoky eyes

There is nothing sexier than a smoky eye makeup look. However, because it is a very strong look, it is not appropriate neither for summer nights nor days. A more subtle alternative comes in the form of a nude smoky eye – a perfect choice for a summer date night. You will achieve this look by combining cream shadow, bronze eye liner, nude eye liner, beige shadow and brown mascara.

Light and glossy

Finally, you can combine your “no-makeup” look with gorgeous attractive lips. Since heavy lip colors and formulas are not very desirable for this season, you should opt for a lightweight and moisturizing lip gloss. Opt for a tone which is close to your natural lip shade, such as light pink or mild peach. It would be best to find a product which has SPF protection, because your lips are constantly exposed to the sun.
So, instead of no-makeup summer, make this season an appropriate-makeup summer. With these subtle, yet stylish looks, you can crash every pool party and look awesome on every summer date night, without overdoing it. Try some of them out, and you’ll see we’re right.

                                          This is a guest post by Amy Mia  (Facebook Twitter)