The age of stepping out of the house looking like ‘whatever’ is far behind us, and let’s take a moment to say halleluiah! Dressing well is no longer reserved for supermodels and celebrities alike. Thanks to the affordability of wonderfully stylish clothes that are abundantly present, everyone can look great – no excuses. Certain people have a knack for picking out great garments but struggle with putting them all together into an amazing outfit. Thankfully, now we have trusty and helpful platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to remove every style doubt and provide endless inspiration. Truly, as far as fashion and style go, this is the best time to be alive, so let’s just jump right in and see what’s shaking on this season of Instagram. We know you’re dying for that next perfect #ootd snap, and we’re here to make sure you get it. 

1. Make it pop

One of the outfits that generate the most Instagram buzz (and likes) are the ones that feature a person who’s not afraid to mix it up and experiment with colors. The floral print has experienced a grand revival on the runways this season, so it’s time to take it to the streets, and snap a few great shots while you’re at it. A white shirt with bold and vibrant full blossoms would be a smash, especially if followed by something equally bold to match. In order to show off those great legs and make a statement, go for a pair of black and red stripy shorts. Mixing florals and stripes is a gutsy move, but one that will be copied to death, so make sure you take the lead. Throw in a pair of flat sneakers, something from the Adidas family, find a perfect backdrop and start snapping.

2. The air of romance 

A great dress is not only the easiest thing you can pull out of your closet, it’s also the most effective one. When it comes to this garment, it’s difficult to pick just one, with so many gorgeous dresses out there tickling your fashionista imagination. We’ve managed to narrow the choices down, and the dress that made the final cut is a semi-sheer, flowy dress. The vibe this kind of dress oozes is the epitome of romance, not to mention that the pastels are insanely photogenic. A sparkly clutch would be to die for, along with simple nude strappy sandals. All you need for a picture-perfect look is those effortless-looking soft waves, and you’ve got yourself an awe - nay, Instagram-worthy look.

3. She’s casually stunning

From soft and feminine to cool and casual, we are moving on to shirts and denim. High-rise skinny jeans have been ruling the street style department for years, and they have no intention of abdicating the throne. To elevate the look a tad, add a slightly oversized white shirt that you can casually tuck in. the best thing about this outfit is that it gives plenty of wiggle room for great accessories, so you can either go with a colorful neck scarf or a choker necklace, a solid tote in yellow (for a bit of drama) and metallic gold oxfords. You can sit on a stoop, nonchalantly cross your legs at the ankle, turn your gaze away from the camera and voila – ultimate cool girl vibe achieved!

4. Perfect outfit for the ultimate backdrop

Let’s face facts; in the world of picture-worthy backdrops, there is only one that takes the crown – the breathtaking beach. Now, with the view behind you so spectacular, you simply must have the look to match. Although minimalism is taking over, the bohemian style will not go without a fight, and the territory where boho is still number one is definitely the beach. The key garment in this scenario is a sexy white crochet bikini. To add a bit of drama and flair you simply must go with a boho-print kimono This look calls for an abundance of accessories so everything from wooden or silver and gold ankle and wrist bracelets is fair game, and don’t forget that perfect pair of Lennon’s that is the glue to the entire getup.

5. Minimalism with a twist

Who could forget the mighty minimalist, they are the princesses of Instagram cool (along with cool ‘low-temperature, minimal saturation filter). Put your black sleeveless jumpsuit on and pair it up with either a summer fedora or an amazing headscarf to put a little color in your minimal style. Minimalists adore the ‘ugly shoe’ trend, so a pair of beautifully ugly slingbacks is a definite must. A maroon-colored shopping leather tote will complement the look fantastically, and the result you get is minimal with a breath of the seventies. Gaze down, act like you’re the coolest of them all, and just watch the little hearts pop on your Instagram feed.

This is a guest post by Amy Mia  (Facebook / Twitter)