Have you ever felt so overwhelmed and had so much work line up but you just end up sitting and starring to nothing and thinking how you should start or with what you should begin?

That's exactly how I am feeling at the moment. Sitting in my room with my laptop on the loop and writing this post. I have set so many tasks to do around the blog and yet I am working slowly towards it and still haven't kick that off properly. But these are my last promises, kicking of with new stuff around Bridge of Memories soon! So stay tuned and follow my blog or social medias xx

But let's get back to this outfit pictures. Wearing baby blue lace detail blouse in collaboration with To Save & She In Hair. Love the sleeve detail and lace ending of this cute blouse. I am number one fan of statement tops which I tend to pair with simple pair of jeans. A very affordable e-commerce where you literally find everything beyond apparel. This blouse is such a cute addition to my closet and easy to combine. The quality of it didn't disappoint me as I was worried about though, so for me thumbs up!