It is always so pleasing what a heat hits the stereotypical rainy London. When the sun is out, you are just kicked with so much energy and positivism and don't know where to start (or at least my case). 

Can't believe that it is already middle of June already. The other day, I have been thinking and reflecting on the half of year that has passed like a water (like, seriously?)

Every year we are wishing for summer to come faster, and now? Didn't even notice how the time flies and summer is already here! Summer usually tend to be the time full of activities, new adventures and time for myself. However, since last year, I can not say the same now. However, I am trying to be as much as productive as before (or even more) as well as squeeze or fun activities in between duties. I love that we never stop learning and evolving. Do as much things as you love, go explore many places as you can and never be afraid of doing something new. Because your inner self can surprise you!

I am happy to announce, that this month of June, I am soon heading off to Spain. Where exactly and what I will be doing there, follow my Instagram or Twitter for stories and news!

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