I remember when I was going in primary school, we all had to change our shoes to slippers to wear on a school ground. Some of students chosen to wear crocs, some of them wear balerina type of shoes and some of them wear slippers. 

Looking at remembering the old times at school, it was just so funny how the "trend" and bits of pieces of what has been old fashion back at that time to make it a hit trend for the season, right?
Now we don't need to feel embarrassed to be wearing those shoes out at all. Currently we are witnessing the revolution of the comfy sneakers as our day to day shoes out. From open slippers, embroidery to furry slippers. 

I have purchased these silver pairs with the idea of wearing them on my upcoming beach trip. However, I didn't hesitate and try to combine them with a casual day-wear as well. And to be honest, they are very comfortable to wear and easy to combine too. 

Do you like this trend? What kind of sliders or slippers do you prefer? - open ones, closed ones, classical ones or crazy ones?


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