We are walking passing hundreds of buildings all the time, but we never pay attention to them because we all have this "house is just like all other houses" attitude. Unless the building would be something differentiated by its structure or bold colour.
However, I do not take pictures of every single buildings too. Whatever engages me visually, I try to find its best angle and try to capture. Trying to make from ordinary things and experiential visual excitement.

Some are close-up views while others show whole facades, but the aim of every image is to abstract the architecture from its context.I intend to liberate buildings from their spatial context and known surroundings by breaking the city's essence down to the substance. I search for the interaction of forms, materials and structures.Every city has its individual architectural language, with its own vocabulary, syntax and intonation. During my journeys, I come across these languages in manifold ways. Sometimes they are sonorous and flowery, sometimes they are calm and reserved, sometimes harsh and rational. I am fascinated by the many architectural facets of our urban living spaces and I am thrilled when I am able to discover new letters or words.The photographic analysis of a building at different times of the day and from various perspectives is similar to the exploration of the onomatopoeic range of a word when being conjugated, declined or used in different contexts.