Working full time restrict me in so many ways in travelling. Limited holiday days, only weekend free, more exhausted after working week and money become an issue too.

Yet, I am still trying to plan and book weekend getaways as much as I can. Just because that excitement at the end of the week is motivating as well as the exploration of totally new things. However, it can be very tiring, especially it feels like you going non stop. Thus, planning a trip for relaxation is a good way as well to get out of the stress zone and busy lifestyle in your city. But don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the only way you can get a rest is by getting out somewhere. Resting in your own city is also a brilliant way to not rush into things. Because once you are abroad, you are tempted to do things and see things.

However, if you have decided to plan a weekend getaway, here are 5 things to remember when you come to planning!

1.  Check calendar
Check you agenda in advance before booking something, just because it is cheap on that weekend. How many times we forgot somebody's birthday, forgot that we have a deadline approaching or we have forgot that we have promised to somebody to catch up. Also do check a calendar for any bank holidays! Check if you are all good to be leaving on Friday at that time and if you are all good to be coming back on Sunday night or Monday morning on that time. You don't wanna miss any important meetings next day or look like zombie for your next working day.

2. Create a rough itinerary
Whether it is for a chill break, to see new things, to visit a friend or just a spontaneous trip, you should clarify your purpose of going somewhere for the weekend. It will not only help you to plan and book stuff ahead, but also it will help you to save your time by knowing how you will spend that weekend and make every minute of it worth it. I tend to write down places I'd like to see, coffee shops I'd like to visit or shops I want to check. I'd like to make sure that I check "cool" places in advance and plan my time there so I can manage to do and see whatever I wanted.

3. Search for suitable destinations for a weekend
You are travelling for 2-3, max 4 days. Try to check destinations that are big enough for a weekend. Depending of course if you have been there or if it is a first time. However, you don't want to be overwhelmed and be in rush to squeeze everything in that time. Read more here if you would like to know what cites are great to consider for a weekend break in Europe. I prefer to pick either cities I have been and want to explore more or smaller cities that are just enough for a weekend first time visits.

4. Be flexible
Be flexible is a key thing how to travel cheap. Be flexible on time and destination. Check various combinations on how to get there and on different weekend dates. It is always great to check some inspiration, have friends around or read travel blogs on how to travel more effectively and efficiently. I tend to check flights and cheap destinations through Skyscanner or by subscribing to airline's newsletters to be aware of any deals and offers. I make a list of various dates, prices and destinations and then check what is the best out of all.

5. Set a budget
At the end of the day, it is only a weekend trip. You do not necessary need to spend hell a lot of money on this trip, because you still would like to save on a bigger vacation, right? Set up a budget and track your spending. It is easy to get loose, just because you are somewhere else on a trip. But don't forget, it is just a weekend getaway, so don't let this small trip burn your budget for a month!

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