Here we come again to this time of the year, to the prom season. Short prom dresses, long, lace, V neck, backless, strapless, red prom dresses or cheap prom dresses... you name the style or any criteria you might have to choose the perfect fitting dress. Whatever your mood, taste or body fits, I been inspired by an annual Met Gala event and picked up 10 amazing prom dresses from Aisle Style. Aisle Style is an online destination focusing on all kind of dresses, whether it a prom dress, wedding dress, cocktail dress, day dress or evening dresses.

The annual fashion event - Met Gala, takes place in New York brings many inspirations and key trends ideal for prom season. What is your favourite prom dresses for 2017?
These events and evenings are the special rare occasions, where a girl can feel like a total princess. Hence, a unique dress helps you to highlight the evening. Choosing a right dress is important in order for you to feel good for the rest of the event! What would you pick?

1. Show some skin
Showing some skin a decent way through small details of the dress such as backless dress or strapless dresses or through sheer materials is a way of seduction and emphasis on feminity.

2. Keep it hot
Red is associate to a sexy, hot colour. Thus, to boost your confidence or to highlight a simple dress, choose red to go for it. A quick tip, try to stick to a red from head to toe. From jewellery to nails.

3. Splits and cleavages
Show some legs through cleavages or splits on dresses. A perfect choice for somebody who is not daring, showing some legs through a dress movement will be a great match. However, look for a midi cleavage or split, don't go too high.

4. Girl power
Dresses are the weapon of girls. It doesn't always highlight the curves and show seducing parts of the body, but also it sets up the ego and the power. As like any clothing, whatever type of style you go for, you are setting up yourself an image already. Whether a cute, girly style or bold and sassy style. 
Why not go for a bit serious and formal style for the evening?

5. 50 shades of yellow
Yellow in any shades is the key colour of this Spring/Summer season for any skin colour. Makes you highlight from the crowd and memorize the key event of the year. If you are bored of beige, nude, black, white, red, blue and all those typical decent dress colour, then go for the variety of shades of different colour pallet. 

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