Europe is so well connected and I love how accessible it is. You are exposed to different culture, atmosphere and scenery within couple of hours, (almost) how and when you wish. If you are following my blog or my Instagram, you might notice that I do often do weekend getaways. I either travel to places I have been, because there is so much more to discover or to unknown places.

If you are thinking of getting away from your country for a weekend, let me share you 10 perfect destinations for a weekend getaway. I personally travel during weekends often, because I enjoy switching off from a reality a continuously seeking for something new. The tourism is relatively concentrated on the capital city. However there is much more to do in that country and in that city.

Before we start with picked 10 cities, be aware that these are the lists of places where I would suggest to go for a weekend, big enough to not get bored during those 3 days or so and a good size enough to be pleased that you have manage to do and see all the important things. Leaving with more to do list from a local perspective for next time in that city.

1. Luxembourg
It is a small country surrounded by big countries, like Germany, Belgium and France. The capital city is Luxembourg City and it is one of three official cities for European Union.
Luxembourg City is a pretty small city, easy to walk around and well connected by train to go elsewhere. Interested and want to know more? Catch up with my Luxembourg diary posts.

2. Prague
Prague is a capital city of Czech republic and it is well known for its historical heart. Some people say that Prague is like another "romantic Paris" destination. Situated on the river of Vltava, Prague is home for numerous attractions. Prague is my second hometown and it is such a gem. Read my Prague to get to know more.

3. Milan
I have fallen in love with this Italian city two years ago when I first visited during Milan Fashion Week. Milan is a metropolitan in Lombardy region and is known for global capital of fashion and design. The Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral at the Duomo plazza is a significant icon of the city. A great getaway to the city to explore more of the art, culture as well as enjoy shopping and entertainment. Catch up on my Milan posts to get more insights of what to do and see.

4. Oslo
Oslo is the capital of Norway and sits on the coast of the country overlooking the Oslofjords. Norway is a great getaway if you are seeking for a bit of nature. Planning a hiking trip up to fjords for a weekend may be too unrealistic and too much short of time. Therefore Oslo is a great place to just enjoy some views and some short trips around Oslofjord islands. You might have seen my latest post around Oslo, as my trip to Norway was my latest weekend getaway, if not, catch all of it here.

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a capital of Denmark and it lay on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager. If you get bored of the city, you may want to do a day trip across a bridge Oresund to Malmo city. And out of the sudden, you would be in Sweden. Copenhagen is a royal city, so make sure to stroll around the castle, gardens, palaces and it's historic 18th century rococo district. Check out some previous Copenhagen posts to get more information and insights.

6. Budapest

Budapest is a lovely capital of Hungary. Budapest is bisected by the river Danube which is dividing the Buda district apart from Pest. Buda district is very hilly and from there you can view the panoramic view of Budapest, especially from Fishermen's Bastion. On the other hand, Pest is a flat district. Check what to see in Budapest here.

7. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a hilly capital of Scotland. It's medieval old town and elegant Georgian New Town is a great combination that please your eyes. Make sure to go around the small pathways in Old Town as well as hike up to Arthur's Seat for a great view of the city. If you feel you have manage to see the city, Edinburgh is well connected to other Scotland city by train or buses. So make your search for castles or coastal trips. Read my previous Edinburgh posts for more.

8. Bruges

Bruges is a town located in northwest Belgium. It is differentiated by its canals, medieval buildings and cobbled streets. Make sure to not be afraid to get a lost a bit around its streets and Burg square. For a panoramic view of this lovely city, go to a tower on Markt square. Bruges is great if you want to experience a bit of medieval and dreamy strolls. Check my Belgium posts to get some inspiration maybe?

9. Valletta

Valletta is a small capital city of a Mediterranean island called Malta. The walled city was established in the 1500s and it is known for museums and churches. It is lovely mediveal city with beautiful preserved buildings. It is a tiny city that you can actually walk around its border. Make sure to make some time to visit other town on an island, such as Rabat or Gozo island. Read my Malta diary here.

10. Amsterdam

Last but not least I am sure, but would like to include Amsterdam on my first list of perfect weekend getaways in Europe. Amsterdam is the Netherland's capital and is known for its elaborate canal system and narrow houses with a gabled facades. Cycling is a key characteristics of Netherland. Therefore make sure to experience cycling around their bike paths. Visit their tulip gardens, walk around canals, go for a boat ride, get some artistic inspiration in the Museum district and much more. Read more in my Amsterdam posts.

It is really hard to round up best cities or suggest where to go. It really depends on what you are seeking for. Give me a shout if you would like to chat about travelling! And what is your favourite city in Europe?

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