What does happiness mean to you? What is the root of that feeling? To what extend can we still say that we are happy? Happiness for me is reminiscing about good times with friends on our day out or holidays. Happiness for me is to see the smile on my siblings' face. Happiness for me is when I have discovered a pretty place. I guess, my happiness is not same as yours. Thus, it is very subjective and hard to measure. 

I stumble upon once an article, analyzing the concept of happiness. As happiness is hard to measure and define, they have used science as an approach to examine and experiment the concept of happiness. The article has sum up with the strong statement, that "modern living is depressing". The nature of happiness is loosing with the digital and technology move and human being are becoming more automated and addictive.

We are looking for happiness and love in everything around us. In physical things, in friends, in partners, in activities and so on. But most importantly, we forget to look at the root of happiness and love. In ourselves. Love and be happy with inner self first. In the previous posts, I have talked about how to make a space for yourself. Wort to read it through maybe?

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