The last year was a very chaotic year and it felt like my life was testing me for my resilience and patience. To my own surprise, I have somehow get through it. Looking back to it, I can just view it as a life lesson and pathway for growth. Let me talk through on how to fight through life lessons.

PERSEVERANCE is everything
Keep going. Life doesn't stop, time doesn't pause and nobody will wait for you. Question yourself, whether the issue will matter in 5 years time. If not, then don't put an emphasis and don't annoy yourself with that issue too much. Everything happens for a reason. If something doesn't go in the way you have wished to be, new opportunities will be open for you. Most importantly, you have to train your mind to focus on what is important and go towards your objectives. Perseverance is everything, even it should mean to slow down a bit.

be OPEN MINDED for changes
People tend to close themselves up or crashed down when they feel anxious. Don't be afraid to seek for help, to take out days out for yourself to clear your mind and re-think. Most importantly, be honest to yourself and be open to change things. Like with anything, we should be testing and keep changing certain elements in our life to see what suits us the best in order to have the best results for oneself. 

Things might not always work out the way you want and also things will change in a certain period of time. Due to external factors or due to changes of your view and taste. Stop overanalyzing, stop trying to make it perfect. Just live the moment. If it is enriching you and making you satisfied, then that's all what it counts. You can't change the past, so it's better to let things go, learn from the issue and just improve on yourself.

We all have the pressure of time, deadlines, pressure from others and sometimes we make wrong choices based on the time pressure. Too often we are living the busy life of balancing work, friends, hobbies, travel, love and everything together. At some point, we feel too exhausted, anxious and frustrated about our lifestyle and we are not sure what exactly is the trigger or things that upsets us. Too often we are forgetting to love yourself and allow our inner us to breath and rest too. Stop all the hectic habits and lifestyle for a bit and give yourself a break from all the noise and pressure. It is always healthy to have some time for yourself to think, re-think and rest. At some point, you will actually appreciate the time of being alone and that actually being alone is not always bad. 

Your decisions, goals, vision will be much more clearer.

Photos by Eva

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