If you are planning to attend any weddings or you have a planned wedding soon, then why not consider couple of 2017 wedding dresses trends to give you a  little of inspiration when picking up the right dress for the day. With so many versatile options and style, I am sure you will pick one to incorporate to your look. Coming across MillyBridal UK, where they stock so many beautiful dresses for any occasions, not only wedding, makes me think about things we think about when picking up our occasion dresses. It's more then just picking up a colour, length and a shape of the dress. There are so many details and trends to watch out, but let me give an overview of my top 5 dress details! These can be not only applicable for wedding dresses, but for all sort of occasional dresses. Such as cocktail dress or long prom dresses.

3D blooms
This incredible flower embellishments will definitely add on he feminine touch to the look. Blooms embellishments will for sure set apart from a traditional wedding dresses, will add an emphasis to specific area (if you would like to highlight your waist, back, neck our shoulders) and you can have as much fun creating the perfect endless blossom on your dress.

Back wow-factor
If you would like to reveal something, then I love backless or back details dresses. They are sophisticated, sensual and yet very feminine. You may choose to reveal it the whole back, just a bit, have it naked or use a transparent material. There are so many options to it and it is up to you how daring you are. Because you will be back to your guests a lot of time, it is important to make the back outstanding too. Moreover, it looks great on pictures!

A cute motif can be also incorporated as a soft detail to the perfect dress. Whether it is a small or large bow or if you place it at the back or in front of your dress, whatever you choose it will still helps to tie the whole look together and add the perfect detail on it. 


If you want to differentiate yourself, why not try wider colour pallette for your dresses? Traditional white colour can be for somebody boring. If you are more adventurous, look for some different nude shades, pastel colours or different colour hues. Popular colours among wedding dresses can be powder pink, decadent gold, baby blue or champagne colour.


There is no written rule that a dress should have a short sleeve or without a sleeve. Long sleeve dresses are becoming increasingly popular too. Especially if you know how to play around. Long sleeves give a longer illusion and you can mix it with different styles of materials and shapes of the dress. Long sleeves does indeed give a lovely ethereal feel to the look. On the other hand, if you would like to cover yourself up a bit (maybe if you would like to leave some imagination to others, cover tattoos or because of the weather and the location), long sleeve dresses are great choice

Hi-Low Hemline
Struggling o decide between short or long hemline? Then choose both! It is an ideal compromise and the fun play of materials and details.

Sheer panels
For those who are more daring and want a bit sexier approach, sheer panels are great details on the dresses. Whether they are on side, back or necklines, they are great to show off a hint of skin, but not showing out much. This trend is more fashion-forward, rather then a traditional bridal look.

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