The transition from the cold weather to sunshine weather can quickly lift our mood, doesn't it? These past weekends London was blessed by a "heat" weather. It was like around 20 degrees and people got the same idea. Getting out whatever summer clothing they can find in their clothing, shop some picnic snacks and cold drinks and go to the park to sit and just "sunbath".  

It is just proofed, that weather does affect our mood and productivity towards studying and working. The sunshine makes you just get up in the morning, get out of the house and do something. Be productive. But at the same time, it makes you wanna just wondering around all day outside. Which isn't much productive isn't it? If you do not have an outcome of it.

My boyfriend once said, or more likely he quoted from the book, something in this line: "Resting is not the state of not doing anything nor switching off from work and just. But the balance of slowing down and knowing how to enjoy the rest and yet be productive". 

Having a rest doesn't always necessarily mean doing nothing, right. Sometimes it is just to slow down, think and re-think, do things that you enjoy and that will fuel you up, motivate you, let you to see things from different perception etc. All of it can contribute to the productivity of your actual work/study, project or whatever you are working on/doing.

Photos taken by Nicola Louise

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