Had a pleasure to collaborate with Dermalogica and Preen.me on testing couple of skincare products. As you might have read my FaceMapping post before or seen on my Instagram, I have experienced this insightful skin treatment (head to the post to read further about it!).
After the treatment, they have recommended couple of their products tailored and suitable for my skin. I am happy to include Dermalogica skincare to my daily beauty routine and have to say that I am pleased with the result and with products.

Well, haven't been that long since I started using it. However, the results after couple of weeks have been visible and significant. Therefore I decided to write this beauty review for those who are seeking for new beauty products or to read a bit of different view on Dermalogica while you taking in consideration.

Dermalogica is pretty expensive skincare range, but it is worth the investment into more pricey beauty products. Because at the end, it goes on your skin and it is very important to be using good quality products not to be harming your skin. When I was doing my FaceMapping and tested the products to see which ones are suitable for me, I have immediately fallen in love with the soft texture and smell of Dermalogica. Moreover, their tagline of the campaign - My Face My Story, tells exactly what the beauty industry is about.

1.  Dermalogica daily microfiliant

This gentle exfoliant differs from others because of its powder structure which activates upon contact with water. It contains rice enzymes which helps to exfoliate dead cells. It is definitely an interesting powder product which I have never experienced with. I am exfoliating my face twice a week in the evening.

2.  Pure light spf50 moisturizer
This is really brilliant product and loving it. It doesn't only brighten up your uneven skin, but also moisturize your skin and protect against UV hyperpigmentation. After a stressful period, I have been left with many blemishes and brown spots. Therefore, I was in need of a product that will keep my skin healthy and lighten up my spots and so fat this Pure light spf50 is doing great job! I am using it everyday in the morning after I was my face.

3. Pure night cream
This cream is basically a night version of the Pure light moisturizer. I use both and works well. I am in need especially to maximize reduction of brown spots.

4. Intensive eye repair cream
The cream consists of Vitamins C and E as well as grape seed extracts which helps to nourish, target dehydration lines and improve elasticity of the skin around your eyes.

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