Once upon a time, London was so lucky to witness the amazing 22 degrees during the weekend. However, it seems like it was so long ago again, because I can't still leave my jacket alone in the wardrobe. It was a great weekend and it felt very productive!

It is just frustrating, that by the time I manage to make a blog update, the weather changes and it doesn't feel relevant anymore. Oh well. It is London at the end and with the speed of Instagram stories and feed, you can catch up on my daily life and travels more.

My forever (so far) trend crushes are off shoulder and backless tops, blouses or dresses. When I saw this dress, I had to immediately try it on and could imagine this little cute cross back dress to be worn around Mediterranean streets. I am so in need of a proper holidays now! Especially with these forever changing and confusing weather out here. What are your spring/summer trend crushes?

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