On one of the sunny weekend, I had a pleasure to meet and shoot with Eva around Waterloo area. Can't believe that the April has come to the end already and I feel like I have slowed down in some certain areas of my activities, especially around blogging. Trying to produce as much content as I can and keep up to dated through my Instagram mainly. However, something is so lacking and makes me think if I am going right. Those long commute rides, hot showers and sleepless nights are the time where one thought is hunting another (do you have that as well?). With May approaching around the corner, I have decided that I need to sit down and write down my objectives and how I am going to get there. Those months of hassle and confusion is (hopefully) over, and I am ready to be focusing on self-development now. So stay tuned with more exciting stuff coming up on Bridge of Memories!

Photos by Eva

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