A little late update on this, but these photos has been sitting in my computer for awhile already. But the other day I was sorting my photos and folders and came across these series of pictures taken during London Fashion Week back in February. In particular, these photos are taken from Burberry Makers House. You might have already seen some pictures on my Instagram feed or remember my Insta stories.

It is already if I remember correctly, second time in a row, when Burberry is hosting Makers House events where they showcase their collection, inspirations and talents from their collection of that season. I have managed to find an evening to come to admire and find out about the reasonings behind Burberry's collection. I was surprised and pleased how interactive and nicely they have use the space to showcase it. February 2017 show was inspired by English artist Henry Moore. The Makers House has not only given the access to see the full Burberry collection, but also Henry Moore's key famous sculptures, exploring his working methods, studio and much more. The whole event which ran across couple of days during LFW was accompanied by workshop, events and concerts.

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