If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have known that I was heading off to Bucharest for a weekend getaway. It is just so hectic, tiring and yet still exciting to be spending every week somewhere else. I just wish it would be part of my job description. Nevertheless, weekend was well spent with the loved one. If you are interested to see more of pictures from the road trip in Romania, you may seem them here.

If you wonder how I have spend my weekend, where I have been, where I have eaten or drink, click to read more my weekend itinerary.

As I have been already introduced to the touristy places of Bucharest (the majority of it), the first day we have decided to take a walk around parks and non-touristic area of Bucharest. Bumped into some pretty graffiti place, many churches and also take a sweet tooth stop at French Revolution for eclairs. Later on, we have walked towards the old quarter to sat down in Nomad Sky Bar (not really a sky bar, but it is still a nice cozy place) where we took a coffee break. In the evening we head off to a more fancy top class Tapo restaurant to celebrate. This restaurant is located near a lake and I was fascinated by its beautiful decoration once step inside. This is a place for people to dine as well as have late night drinks as the restaurant turns into the bar/club later at night. After our meal and bottle of Proseco, we had back to city center where we later head off to Interbelic Cocktail Bar, which was light up with many cool neon signs. First time going out and discovering Bucharest nigh life scene was fun.

The next day we took it very chilled, as we spend majority of the day in the Thermal Wellness Center or, let's call it a tropical paradise just outside of Bucharest. The Therme Bucharest was just newly opened last year and it is indeed a massive place with various areas and activities for everybody. A definitely holiday in holiday vibe and couldn't get out of the idea that next day I have to actually go work (but, sadly reality did hit me). Before we had to thermes, we had a Romanian cuisine for lunch in a Hanu' Berarilor Casa Soare restaurant. The day has passed so fast when you are just literally chilling and trying to gain energy for following weeks. Last night in Bucharest we ended up by a walk around Spotlight lighting festival which happened around the center. 

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