Totally loving this drop down shoulder top with massively ruffled volumed sleeve is from New Look and spotted by my sister. One more outfit post from Luxembourg trip. Hope you have manage to catch up on my Instagram feed which is more up to dated quickly.

My year has been a roller caster and it is still. I have started to question the concept of happiness and love. And I have come to conclusion to call it a state of paradise. People don't need things to make them happy. People don't need to be gifting all the time to make others love them. Happiness and love is energy created by ourselves and people surrounded by us. We are made to love and be loved. However before we start loving others, we should seek the love and happiness in ourselves first. Once we start be comfortable and love ourselves, it is so easy to sharing the love to others.

"Love is energy of life". 
Living in such a busy lifestyle can have such a negative stressful impact in your mind and well being. And I am not saying you will get depressed and stressed all the time. But it is impacting the way you approach and think to certain issues and things. We are constantly chasing for something and forget to slow down and enjoy the moments. Start to love and be loved. You will feel the love when it is there. People should stop chasing for things and criticizing for stuff. Do what makes you happy. Why are you in that situation when you continuously complain and not feel happy about it? Let's learn how to love, forgive and enjoy the true moments. Let's create a paradise, as a state of mind of happiness and love.
"Let us be the person first whom we would like to know and meet".