Some people when they are bored, they check online stores. When people are feeling down, they go out and drink. And me? I found a pleasure by checking travel places, tickets and actually booking them. Keeping up with my 2017 travel resolution, in March I managed to travel to two new destinations - Poland and Luxembourg. 

These weekend trips were great, as the weather was nice and was a great recharge for me. For my sister's birthday, we have decided to spent by going travelling. Thus, we have decided for Luxembourg, as both of us haven't been there, tickets were cheap and it seemed like a perfect destination for a weekend getaway. And it was indeed! I am sure if we would have spent an extra day or two we could have manage to go to countryside, to visit some castles and natural beauty around. However, we had a great weekend there and I hope you have manage to catch some insights on my Instagram feed or story. If not, following me for future journeys and view my Luxembourg photo diary and stay tune for my travel guide round up soon!