Winter is still here and it might sounds funny to be discussing what to wear this spring and summer season, but we are all seeking for a bit of sunshine, warmth and holiday chill. 
Moving away from last year's trend of backless tops and drop down shoulders, we can aim to rise the trend of statement sleeve tops, aka bell sleeves. I was obsessed with drop down shoulders tops and dresses and backless clothing, and I have still eyes on these trends. However, sleeves are great to take on consideration too. Reminds me back in 70s trend and where bell shape tops and trousers were IN, but hey, fashion is a continuous revolution. While looking up for variety of sleeves, I was amazed by how a simple sleeve can add on to the outfit a lot. Currently having an eye on these beauties. What are your thoughts on statement sleeves?

Wearing this simple black top from H&M (similar here) layered with jeans and ankle heeled boots (similar here).

Photos: Alex S.