The other day I have been reading one article with 15 reasons, or more like complaints of people living in London and you wouldn't understand then unless you would live in London. I could have totally see myself in every point made. The article ended with a sentence, that we keep complaining, but yet always come back to London. There is one specific reasons what I love about London. And that is the infinite places to get inspiration from. Whether it is from people around, nature, building around or many exhibitions from both established and emerging artists. There is always something on and opening new that it is hard to even catch up with all those updates and places. I have listed 15 galleries and museums that I would definitely recommend you visiting here. All of them are different, one showcase more contemporary art and the other more traditional art and sculptures. So whatever your mood or interests are, you would always find a place you would totally immerse yourself in.

1. Tate Modern

2. National Gallery & Portrait gallery

3. Tate Britain

4. Whitechapel gallery

5. Brixton street art

6. Serpentine galleries

7. Saatchi gallery

8. Victoria and Albert museum

9. Brick Lane and East London graffiti's

10. Welcome Collections

11. Design museum

12. Brixton street art

13. Gagosian gallery

14. Mall galleries

15. The Photographer's gallery

London has many great small independent and auction galleries, many of them you may find around Mayfair! Any other good tips for art?