Last weekend I made a visit to Dermalogica open booth shop at Selfridges in London where I have received a compliments of Dermalogica as part of the PreenMe VIP program to do a Face Mapping Analysis. This great and pleasant experience was under the hand of friendly and experience Dermalogica staff. I got to know more about my skin and the correct skin care routine.

"Every face tells  story" is a headline for complimentary Dermalogica Face Mapping analysis service. The whole process takes up to 10 minutes. Professional therapists analyse your skin in 14 unique zones, they will identify potential problems and give advice on how to treat it for healthy skin. Have you saw my Insta story during the day?

Dermalogica products have a tailored skin treatment for every skin concern. I was never so concern about my skin care and products I have been using until my skin get too much pigmentations. Since then, I have been doing a lot of reading and research on healthy skin. It is a while now, since I make the effort to invest into beauty products and always tried to find the best matching products for my skin. Beauty area is still an unknown area of mine, because of its diversity of products and the infinite choices. I am actually even now thinking to do a post about my skin care, what do you think?

Apart from FaceMapping, Dermalogica offers an online FaceMapping analysis as well as additional services which you may book.

Photos: Alex S.