2017 travel destinations wishlist

Sadly, this year was such a ride of life turning points and confusions. Was not able to make as many travels as I usually would have done probably. However, year of 2016 have left me some great memories and new places. Looking back at my 2016 travel wishlist, I did complete only 4 out of 8. And still not completely 4, because I break down to specific cities as well. Besides my list, I was pleased to visit these following places:

Setting up my 2017 travel wishlist and sharing with you my wonderlust:

1. UK - Bath, Cambridge
2. Spain - Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla
3. Iceland - Reykjavik, day trips to nature
4. Poland - Warsaw, Wroclaw
5. Portugal - Porto
6. Montenegro - Kotor, Podgorica
7. Italy - (still thinking where to, as I would love to explore Italy from head to toe!)
8. Vietnam - Mekong delta, Ha Long Bay, Mui Ne, Hoi An
9. Cambodia
10. Luxembourg

And where are you guys planning this year to go? Share with us some inspirational ideas and destinations! :)

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  1. Wow. You travel a lot! Last year, I hardly saw two countries, but they worth it (Slovenia - Piran and Polland - Gdy┼ła and Szczecin). Anyway, you choose really nice destination - I am going to Porto on March 2017 ... and I am super exicitied about it.=D And about Italy - have you ever been in Venice or Verona?

    1. Porto sounds great! Would love to visit there too, enjoy:) And no, I haven't been in Venice or Verona, but heard and seen many beautiful pics and definitely on my list! xx