Keeping a skin hydrated is important especially when the season is changing. Your skin is getting dry and exhausted. Therefore it is important to keep your skin care routine. So recently I have been using Nügg face masks, which comes in these little cute pods and with seven varieties and all with natural ingreditents. These little pods are great travelling partners, as they can fit in anywhere and you do need to worry about ml exceeding in your carry bag at the airport!
They say they one pod should be used for one use. However, I use them for twice. Even though, they look so tiny, don't get the wrong impression of it, because it actually contains a lot enough for those two uses! I tend to use masks once a week in the evening.
So what does Nügg said about their products?

It is formulated with potent and beautiful blends of natural oils and extracts
It is produced without mineral oils, prabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colors
It is formulated over 90% natural or naturally-derived ingredients
It is cruelty-free

You can purchase them in various packages or combine them as you wish. In UK you can find them at Selfridges! And what are your mask winner for autumn/winter days?