Last weekend trip to Paris at the end of summer, we were accommodated in the Element hotel. It is just a three star hotel, but a simple lodging room with a contemporary design with the great center location meets all the basic needs. We got to Paris by train from London and it was just about 25 minutes walk from the main train station to the hotel. The hotel location is surrounded by couple metro stations which makes it perfect hop in to any directions and lines you wish. Moreover, it is located nearby canals, thus you can find many nice cafes and restaurants around to chill.

For the money I guess it was worth it. Staff were very friendly and helpful. The room differs obviously, in terms of decorations and size. The only thing what could have been better in our room was a bathroom size. Wasn't the nicest to walk in to the room and have a feeling that you walked in to the bathroom first. Nevertheless, we were spending whole day out and eating out as well, so we were in only during nights to get our power naps.

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