At the beginning of August, I visited Romania for couple days. When I am thinking about it, Eastern Europe is still unexplored by me and Romania is the first country I had a chance to visit. Refer back to my photo diary to catch up with my experiences there.

My visit was very short but manage to see the highlights of Romania. Now, it is a time to summarize a bucket list of places to see when travelling across the country. I went for only 4 days and in order to see more, hiring a car and doing a road trip was the best idea. Romania has many beautiful natural places that are worth to get emerged into. You will basically find everything there, from sea side, beach to mountains. You might be surprised! What is great about Romania, is that it is not such a touristic destination, therefore you will not find crowds of tourists. Thus, it is much better to get to know the culture and country more from observing day life of people there.

1. Bucharest 
A country's capital city. The highlight of the city would be definitely the iconic landmarks of a massive Palace of the Parliament building which has over 1 000 rooms and is ranked as a second largest administrative building in the world.
What is definitely worth a visit in the city is as well Dimitrie Gusti National Village museum. It is an open-air ethnographic museum located in park, you will walk around traditional authentic Romanian villages and you will be able to discover more about the village life.
I bet you will all know the legendary Dracula story which will follow your thoughts anywhere you will go in Romania. You can visit a 15th century Curtea Veche Palace where Prince Vlad III once ruled. Besides that, Bucharest is very lively with its night scenes and endless option of bars and places to eat out, if you feel like discovering other side of tourism, visit Lipscani district for energetic nightlife scenes.

2. Bran castle
A national monument of Romania, located near Brasov city. Commonly known as Dracula castle.

3. Peles castle
The beautiful castle on eyes is a Neo-Renaissance castle in the mountains is constructed by King Carol I.

4. Brasov
Brasov is a city in Transylvania region. This city is such a cute place with a council square with a city hall in the middle and surrounded by historical center and buildings. Brasov has also one of the narrowest streets in Europe and on in addition, you may see a Brasov sign on top of the hill in the city.

5. Sibiu
Sibiu is another lovely cultural center tow in Transylvania region of Romania. Interestingly, it was ranked as Europe's 8th most idyllic places to live by Forbes back in 2008.

6. Sphinx
The Sphinx is a natural rock formation in Bucegi Mountains.

7. Barsana monastry
Haven't got a chance unfortunately to visit this place located up north near the boundary with Ukraine. However this lovely place is unique for its wooden churches of Maramures set on the hills.

8. Transfagarasan
Transfaragasan highway is approximately 150 km long and is one of the Romania's spectacular places to visit. These roads are also known for Top Gear in 2009. The roads stretches between Brasov and Sibiu city. This places was on top of my list where I wanted to go in Romania. Driving through those roads is a big challenge for drivers, and what I was surprised with was that people went there by motorbikes or even bicycles! Reaching up to the top is a relief and you will be surrounded by beautiful view of the natural, mountains, lakes and obviously with a view of those roads. Remember when I have mentioned that Romania is not such crowded by tourists? Then reaching up to Transfaragasan I chaned my mind!

9. Transalpina
Transalpina is another challenging roads in Romania, located in the Prang Mountains and it is one of the highest roads. Definitely the view would offer you something different!

10. Danube delta
Danube delta is where it meets the Black Sea. The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in River and the river run across many countries, such as Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary or Germany. Delta lies in Romania in Tulcea county.

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