London Fashion Week is over already and it was very intense couple days, stretching from last Friday until this Tuesday. However, the whole September is always busy, especially now when there are Design Festivals and other small fashion cocktail events and off schedule shows.

Running from one place to another, not properly eating and staying outside for the whole day on a feet is very tiring. I am literally going home exhausted. Finally I had some time to work on this summary post of this September Fashion Week in London. Just look at all those details, combinations and talents!

On Thursday evening, Fashion Week kicks out with The Event Paper at Stradivarius on Oxford Street in London. The whole evening was great start of getting into the mood of fashion week in London. Evening was accompany by great music, live photo shoot and tasty cocktails.

On Friday, me and my friend head to one of the show organized by On/Off, an organization showcasing both established fashion designers and emerging independent talent. Friday evening was all about selection of four emerging designers which the show was enhanced by a live band. The whole collections and the installations inside were just great! After the show we head down to Dover Street to Wolf & Badger x Swarovski event where we stayed up until late.

Saturday woke up early to get ready for another day of a fashion. Went to see XX show, then after went to see Rohmir show. Took a break after these two shows for couple of hours and until evening I returned back for a show at 7 pm and after the show went to a pup up event of Sabinna brand.

On Sunday I was feeling very tired after having 3 days in a row running all over places, staying up late and on Thursday and Friday also had work. Therefore, Sunday was very chilled day. Around lunch time me and my friend head off for Apu Jan show at Freemason's hall. I was very impressed by the show and especially by the live music that was there! After the show we had lunch in Soho and went to a Grooming room to chill a bit before we head out for presentations. We hang out around Berwick car park where this year the LFW showrooms are again taking place. We got very moody and tired throughout the day and we weren't able to survive until evening where I had a show align on the day. Thus we have decided to go home and rest.

Monday after work I head to see FAD competition show where I was amazed by very young talents.

Tuesday I had other responsibilities and preparations for Design Festivals. This year fashion week was again amazing and glad to see so many new faces around.

When reviewing all the shows, not only in London as well as scrolling down the constant update of an instagram feed, I can notice the growing trend of the integration of "see the show and but it" at the same time. Many brands, such as Burberry or Tommy Hilfiger have adapted this quick consumer demand trend.  It is just so impressive how the technology will slowly take over the industry.
As  London Fashion Week is over, now it's Milan's turn to show its best pieces.