I have decided to add a new sub-category to Travelling section, called "Checked in". In here, I will be sharing my experiences and places where I have stayed during my travels. I am hoping that this will help you to get some more better insight and review of one of a many places where to stay.

First, I'd like to introduce Hotel Seiler. A two star hotel in Rome is located very near to a main Termini train station (+- 10 min away) and easy to walk around the city center (depending where you are going). First when we were in front of the building, I was very impressed by the big 19th century building, the entrance to the courtyard of a hotel was pretty impressive too. Then soon, I have realized that there are two hotels located in this building.

We came early, before check in time, however they nicely welcomed us and we were allowed to leave our suitcases in the room, meanwhile we went out for a lunch and later come back to check in and take a room. The first feelings was a bit mix, as the reception area and a breakfast place looked very standard, so I said, yes, for 2 stars it's totally fine, even though on pictures the rooms looked great, so I thought that the reception area can look a bit modern as the rooms.
However, when we received the room, which were located in the other side of a reception, we were pretty impressed again by the modern touch of it. It felt different and definitely not like a 2 star hotel. The room itself was small though, however, was enough for us. Nevertheless, we were spending majority of time outside anyway. I felt in love with the simple interior decor of the hall and the room.

Definitely worth the money. The room was clean, staff very helpful and the location was great too. In terms of breakfast, it was pretty standard, not so many choices and same everyday. But was enough for a morning energy to get us on foot to explore the Rome city.