Arrived back from a short getaway to a sunny Rome and another trip is awaiting next week.
Before leaving to Italy, there were couple days of summer weather in UK. First time spending summer period in UK and haven't been able to fully enjoy what's around. In recent months, many things have a big turnover for me and trying to schedule myself to these changes. These changes has impacted many aspects of myself and my routine. Therefore, big apologies for low updates. However, you can still keep updated with myself through instagram.

These photos were taken before leaving to Italy in Barbican complex. Totally love this area. This vast concrete volumes of brutalist architecture are nicely contrasted by warmly coloured tiled pavng and green areas. Whenever I am passing around this area, I can't stop myself to stare to these buildings. Feeling like there is much more hidden beneath these strong and plain facade.

Photos: Alex Stoica

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