This post was meant to go long time ago, after my first time trip to Shanghai in summer. Didn't even plan my next trip to China in Easter back then, but now it is a good reason to put this bucket list highlighting main attractions which you should not miss when in Shanghai. This vibrant metropolitan city will definitely leave you some memories behind. If it is your first time to China, I wouldn't recommend to go to Shanghai straight away, as the city is very westernized and modern, you will not gain any cultural values. I love Shanghai shops, architecture and the endless inspiration on the street. Definitely one of my favourite cities.

You might have seen already my previous photo posts or checked some pictures through instagram, so you could have got the insight of the city vibe. Here, I have drawn up important highlights of the city to not to be missed if visiting for a first time. Please click more to view this ultimate travel bucket check list ... 

1. The Bund

Shanghai's famous promenade with the view on the financial district in Pudong area over a river. Alongside the promenade, you will find very westernized builduings, HSBC main builduing, hotels or great bars with the view. It is very short walking distance to Nanjing shopping street. The Bund gets very crowded by tourists, mainly during evening times, when it is not too hot to be on the sun. I recommend to go during day and evening times, because the view is magnificent and you get just totally different feel from it.

2. Yu Garden
An extensive garden located in the old part of the city. Besides the garden, you can find City God Temple and Yuyuan tourist market. Chinese gardens are always magnificent. You will find so many hidden corners, lakes, houses and bridges.

3. Nanjing road
The main shopping road in Shanghai where you will find range of brands and prices. The street itself is divided to West Nanjing road (where more luxury brands are located) and East Nanjing road (more high street brands). It is one of the busiest street in Shanghai and if you will follow to the end of East Nanjing road, you will arrive to The Bund. On the other hand, if you follow West Nanjing road up, you will arrive to Jing'an temple.

4. Xintiandi
Xintiandi is a modern westernized district of Shanghai. It is suitable for dining, shopping or entertainment. It is one of the most expensive area to live in Shanghai.

5. Oriental Pearl Tower
The Oriental Pearl Radio and TV tower is the known attraction for Shanghai. Located in the Pudong area district by the side of Huangpu river, just oppoiste The Bund.

6. Pudong area and World Financial Center
The area of full skyscapers and modern builduings. Take a ferry to get to the other side of the river to experience the different perspective of Shanghai city.

7. French Consession
The Shanghai French Concession was a foreign concession under French government. The area is now covered by residential and retail businesses and it keeps the distinct character of a French atmosphere.

8. Longhua temple
A Buddhist temple.

9. Jing'an temple
The Jing'an Temple is  Buddhist temple located on the West Nanjing Road, the area is named after the temple. It is very odd that this beautiful temple is located just in the heart of a city, occupied by skyscapers at the background.

10. 50 Moganshan road
Or so called M50 is a contemporary art district in Shanghai. Here you can find walls of graffitis, community of artists, independent galleries and studios open to public. I just love this area and could have spend the whole day strolling from one gallery to another one.

11.People's square
The large public square in Huangpu area, you will find here galleries, museums, theatres, coffee shops and a large public park.

12. Jade Budha temple

Buddhist temple in Shanghai. All temples consists of many builduings in one area, therefore it is nicely spread out and not too crowded by tourists at one place.

13. Tianzifang
Tian Zi Fang is an arts and crafts area where you can find many boutique shops, bars, coffee shops and many hidden places. The area is part of French Concession.

14. Qibao ancient town

Located in Western suburbs of Shanghai. Qibao is a small water town in Minhang District of Shanghai. Its formation is tracked back in Song Dynasty. This small water town can be easily reached by metro or bus from city center. Qibao attracts many tourists for its traditional Chinese architecture and attractions of an Old Town on the Puhui River. Anothe water town located within couple hours of ride from Shanghai is Zhujiajiao water town.

15. Acquarium
A public acquiarium located near the Oriental Pearl Tower is a large acquarium with a long underwater tunnel.

16. Disneyland SOON!!!

Here comes a second Disneyland resort in Asia (first one in Hong Kong), anticipating entertaintment is to be soon opened in June 2016!

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