Here is another photo diary part of my recent China trip. Photos are from Longjing village, located near Hangzhou. Have you ever heard of Longjing green tea? Then, here in this lovely place we have visited the tea plantation. It was interesting to see how the tea leafes are being picked and the beautiful scenery of tea bushes was just breath taking. Never seen something like this. We hike up into the mountain to get the better view of the surrounding area. When the sun starts getting down, we had to quickly find our own way to get down before it gets dark, because there were no signs or lights. Somehow we managed to find our way, cutting through back yard of somebody's home, but managed to get back to the village.

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Longjing village 

Another day trip was to Wuzhen, an ancient water town which was about an hour and half to two hours from Hangzhou. Wuzhen is another water town city, you might have seen some photos already from my previous China posts from summer, where I have visited Zhujiajiao near Shanghai. The town was pretty similar, but somehow I liked Zhujiajiao more.

Another day trip we made in our spare time was to Suzhou. I planned to visit this city already from summer, however it did not worked out so I am happy that I have managed to come back and organize this trip in a short time. Did not expect to be back in China that fast. Suzhou is a city an hour and half from Shanghai and Hangzhou and is known for its royal classical gardens, bridges and canals. The city was very lovely and I recommend to spend there more than just a day, as we haven't managed to go to see everything in a day.