Posting last memories from my last China trip, where I have spent 3 beautiful weeks. If you have missed on it, start reading from here. On an extended weekend free, where Qingming festival took place, me and group of people planned a weeken to visit Yellow Mountains in Anhui province. It was about 3.5 hours by coach from Hangzhou. Huangshan or in English Yellow Mountains is range of mountains in Eastern China under UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the major's destinations of tourists in Chuna. It was magnificent view and hike up there. It took us aboyt 3 h to hike up and another couple hours to walk around mountains, we planned to hike down too, however due to a limited time, we have decided to order foo. Huangshan scenery is beautiful. Ever wonder how its like on the clouds or you wished to touch those clouds whenever you are in the plane? That's what Huangshan scenery gave me. Being surrounded by clouds, pine trees and endless rocks. 


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Shanghai during summer was amazing. Just felt in love with that city. The day before I had to fly back to UK, I had spent in Shanghai. I just missed that vibe in the city. I had a list of places and things I still wanted to do there, and yet still haven't managed to complete it all.  Preparing a Shanghai bucket list, so stay tunned. Shanghai is very inspirational city to me and a walk around The Bund during the night was just a must to finish the day in Shanghai.
Any recommendation of good places to eat and to see over there?