Back in February I have spent time on a short trip to Belgium. We have managed to visit Brussels and Brugges and both cities were magnificent, however the weather was incredibly cold. Apart for one sunndy day. Nevertheless, we have spent it in full, tried Belgium waffles, went for comic hunting and took lots of pictures. If you have followed my on my snapchat (@ thuyphamt), instagram or facebook, you may have already seen some photos and updates on my way. Do follow me to not miss any in moments of my journey. You might have seen my Belgium photo diary already or catch up on some snaps on my photography page.
Have you been in Belgium too? If not or planning, here are my top 10 tips on what to not miss while in Brussels. All photos by me, unless credited!

1. Grand Palace and Town Hall

2. Mannekin Pis

3. Les Galerias Royales Saint-Hubert

One of the most famous shopping arcade from 19th century alongside with Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan or The Passage in St Petersburg. A narrow inside street-like arcade with specialized and luxury shops. 

4. Comic-strip center & comic hunting in the city

What I have enjoyed the most is huntic comics on the wall of builduings in the city. Catch them all! I haven't.. yet and definitelly wanna go back for it. There are great resources and maps of comic strip walk in the city, for you to easier follow where to go to see them. Even Wikipedia offers you a good description of each comic wall with the year and author of it. Comic walls you can not only found in City of Brussels, but as well in the neigbourgoods of Laeken and Auderghem. The large comic strip shows the popular Belgian comics, such as Lucky Luke, Gaston, The Adventures of Tintin or Gil Jourdan. It was interesting to know, that the project began in 1991 by local artists in collaboration with the comic-strip center.

5. Royal palace

6. Atomium
You may find parks nearby, as well as mini-Europe park with small miniatures of European builduings. You can get inside of the Atomium for a view or an exhibition.

7. Mont des Art

Such a beautiful place to get a view on the center. 

8. Basilica of the Sacred Heart


9. The Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula

10. Place du Grand Sablon

An area of antique shops and great small corner shops. Worth to have a stroll in this area to see what's on and the vibe of the shops and open air market. Unfortunatelly, I arrived to the market when they were about to pack off already, so didn't experience how it is like to be fully lively and what kind of things they have there. It was interesting to see that they were literally selling on the blanket on the floor as well as they had tables and stalls. Usually, those markets that I have been had stalls and an order, this one looks very like a big chaotic market like back in the days from movies.

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