I am back. Back to the reality. Back to all deadlines and exams ahead. But don't get me wrong, those 3 weeks in China was not a holiday trip. I have been grateful to be able to participate on UK Study China Programme organized by the University of Manchester for students in UK. Those 3 weeks of intense schedule in China during our Easter break was very stressful but worth it. Straight after finishing class before Easter holiday began, I packed my luggage and off I go for more studies. Now I am back and with all the husle and jet-lag I am back again in lecture classes.

These 3 weeks of immersive language and culture learning was a great experience on top of the university deadlines and duties I had to do. Still have loads of things to catch up, but China experience was yet again memorable. Just slowly falling in love with China and in particular, Shanghai. The UK Study China Programme that I have attended was in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou at Zhejiang province. If you are reading my posts regularly, you might have notice that I have been in Hangzhou for a day as my day trip during summer in Shanghai, but the weather was very bad therefore haven't seen much of the city, thus I was very glad that I had the opportunity to stay there for the 3 weeks period and study on one of the known universities in China.

Scroll down to see more of images of this beautiful city and stay tunned for a next round of photo diaries of China travels.

Dream town - start up valley

We had everyday morning classes and occasionaly afternoons too. Most of the time, we have spent our afternoons with some activities, excursions or extra lectures. Managed to do some weekend trips and met great people over there. What was great even is that I have managed to see a friend that I have met 4 years ago in Beijing! After all those times, we have once again met in China, just in different city. Therefore it was lovely to meet her and catch up with her.
The program was jointly organized by Zhejiang University and University of Manchester. Around 70-80 students were selected from UK universities to participate and it was a blast! Their campus was amazing and huge, feels like city in a city. Our campus was Yuquan campus and located nearer to the city center, therefore there is much convenience in terms of travelling outside the campus.

The photo bellow is a view on a main campus of Zhejiang university. It was huge, never seen a campus like that. Apart from Mandarin lessons, we had the opportunity to take Media or Business classes, went to networking sessions, business trips and explore the city more. The organization has organized for us a one day family visit too on a weekend, for us to emerge and experience one day in a Chinese family. They have took us for Chinese authenic meals, played with their kids, took us on walks, visited kids school or even have the opportunity to cook with them. It was very thoughtful and experienced 3 week programme. I enjoyed every single day and can't wait to come back to China again!

View on the West Lake

View from an International Dormitory builduing

Statue of Mao

Main gate of Yuquan campus of Zhejiang university

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