Here comes a new month together with another inspirational career interview. Now I have questioned Barbora, a Czech interior designer based in Norway, about her career. I love her minimalistic northern style of interior design and her instagram is just one inspiration platform. She is running her blog as well about interior design, so get inspired by clicking here or read more of the interview.

1. Introduce us a bit about yourself and your background.

I was born in Ostrava, lived in Brno and now I have been living in Oslo in Norway for almost two years. I have studied journalism and sociology, but, as it often happens, I wasn't very happy working as a journalist. I always had passion for interior design so one day I tried to apply for interior design position at IKEA and it worked out for me! I have tried different projects in between but my heart belongs to IKEA so I have started my journey over here in Oslo. Beside that I also work in Czech interior magazine, have blog and Youtube channel. And I can't forget my norwegian boyfriend.

2. How did you get into interior design job and passion?
I remember I always have passion for it since I was a kid. I would move furniture around the room to make it even better. I have helped to divide shared children room, thus for me it has always been about solving solutions to problems and interest for aesthetic and all the beautiful thing came later with time. It is a passion for me, not a trend, therefore I believe that it will stick around me forever. 

3. Did you studied or had any experiences with interior design before landing to the full time job?

Actually I did not. I would say it was half luck and half talent. IKEA has special interview system called assessment centre where they find out if a person is suitable for the desired possiton through different tests and tasks. I have passed several rounds of interviews and got the job. Just follow your passion and have a bit of luck, and you'll get where you want to me.

4. How would you describe your style/aesthetic when it comes to interior design?

I would say it is scandinavian but most of the people wouldn't probably agree. Lets say then it is a mix between eclectic and scandinavian style. I have one rule when it comes to interior designing - things have to be either functional or beautiful. I am trying to reuse old furnitures, using some vintage pieces and add some DIY into it and of course I am using IKEA products too.

5. Where have you learned and developed your skills? How long did it take you to the stage as you are now?

I love to learn new things, and when I feel I don't know enough I am trying to get the knowledge I want. I have learnt a lot through IKEA training system, I had interior design specialist course in swedish Älmhult (where IKEA comes from) and many other trainings. However, the best learning is the practise, where I have learnt the most during my asignments at IKEA and later as enterpreneur on my own. They say you need 10 000 hours to be a pro and I think that is about the right. I am still learning every day and you can never settle. Trends, needs and lifestyle of people changes and you have to keep updated. The easiest way for someone who is at the beginning of the career, is to make yourself started and finding your resources from blogs, magazines, people around, watching other experts or find a mentor, someone skilled who can teach you a lot.

6. Where do you seek for inspiration? / What / Who inspires you?

This will sound a bit lame, but everything around. I take a lot of pictures of anything pretty or inspiring that I see, from Instagram, blogs or online magazines. My teacher once told me, don't try to be original, everything has been discovered already. So I am trying to be myself and bring new point of view on things but I am not trying to rediscover the wheel over :) And with this approach you can find inspiration just everywhere.

7. What do you do besides interior design?

Not that much actually! The thing is that interior design is no longer just about placing the  furniture and accessories in the space according certain rules. It is about whole lifestyle. The way you live influence your interior design. I have my blog and Youtube channel where am I trying to share my knowledge and passion with people. I work as well for interior magasine Marianne bydlení and the rest of the time is filled with good food and my lovely boyfriend.

8. What is your biggest achievement or what are you’re proudest of?

I guess that would be recently getting job in Marianne Bydlení. It has been always my dream since I was studying to be a journalist but it seemed impossible without being interior expert. However after 10 years of changing jobs, moving to Norway and staring my blog I got an e-mail saying: "Hello, I am editor in chief of Marianne Bydlení and we love your blog, would you write and article for us"?

9. How would you describe your typical work day to be like?

My work day starts about 7.30. I check my e-mails and task for the day. I usually have a big project for week or two as well as small tasks which needs to be done on daily basis. All the small tasks needs usually to be done before we open the store,
10.00. - Displaying new products, changing things which are not inspiring anymore. Later I work on my tasks. It can be either planning new interior, which includes AutoCAD plans and Power Point presentations and lot of discussions with Sales departments or it can be building new room which involves drill, screw driver, brushes and paint, sewing machine and lot other stuff :)

10. What do you enjoy the most from your job/passion?

Diversity. My job is never same, you do never the same task twice.

12. What do you find most frustrating or least enjoyable from your job/interior design?

When there is a really complicated task and I can't figure out the best solution. I enjoy brainstorming process and figuring out the ways but I hate when it takes too long.

13. Are there any big differences between interior design and culture, if you compare Czech republic and Norway?

For sure! In my opinion interior design and culture are very closely connected. People are spending much more time at home in Norway therefore their homes are very important for them. Norwegians are very tough on themselves in general and have high standard on everything they do. They are closely connected to the nature and function is very important for them, that is why Scandinavian interiors are so beautiful, clean and minimalistic.

14. What are some tips you would give to people that enjoy interior designing?

Just don't follow the trends and do what you feel and think is right for you. Interior design is not about filling apartment with expensive stuff to show off. It is about real life. If you want to have interior design either as a hobby or job, you need to be interested in people and how they live, what they need and dream about. But it is always the best to practice on yourself first.

15. Any inspiration quote or message you would like to share with readers?
Following your dream and waiting for a miracle is bullshit. You have to create your dream, work really hard and be very patient. It might take years but if you really want to and do everything for it, it will come one day to you.

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