Honestly, this month was crazy, every weekend I was off somewhere and getting so tired, as I am on my feet and catching up with work from morning till late nights. It is my fault that I have put myself in it and from the next week, I will take it easy and just focus on university and important things around it. Apart from being behind with this, I am behind with pictures and posts for blog. 
2 weeks ago I was in Belgium as you might have notices (posts will be coming soon!), last weekend I was off in London for Fashion Week and today I am leaving to Milan. Partially for travelling and partially to check the Fashion Week over there. Can not wait to see some new designers and how the organization is. 

With my packed weekends off, I'd like to share my travel essentials in bag which are not missing in any trips of mine. Have you read through my other travel guides with tips and recommendations?

1. Passport (do I even have to explain this? It would be advisable to copy your passport or ID and carry it around city if you are scared to loose it)
2. Mobile Phone (with downloaded apps and maps to guide you throughout the trip)
3. Headphones (boredom killer! what I would do without them?)
4. Book (I like to carry at least one book with me if I know that I will have time to read during meetings, on the airport or in the evenings. Sometimes I carry even textbooks or notes to study on my way. Just trying to make the use of the spare time.)
5. Travel diary/journal/notebook and pens (For me it is a necessity. I am a traditional paper pen person, thus I like to scribble down notes, thoughts or just any comments)
6. Snacks (speak for itself!)
7. A map/travel books/notes (Have you read a post for effective planning? That includes also planning an initeary for the stay there. Have you check all what you want to see, where to go and how to get around? Download offline maps to your phone or buy a travel guide and study through it before hand)
8. Scarf (always good to have it around, as the temperature changes from room to room and places to places. You will eventually get cold on the airport or plane under the air conditioner, or what if it starts raining and you will not have an umbrella with you, or what if you just have to cover yourself for whatever reason it may be. Scarf is great because it has multiple way of using it!)
9. Camera (my must have on the way and anywhere for short or long trips! I like to record it on my camera rather in the phone. I like to play with it and pictures have better quality. I usually carry with me a bigger camera, thinking to invest into a smaller compact one which same qualities though.)
10. Money (I prefer to change the currency before the trip rather than using card or withdrawing money on place. Changing money before also allows you to budget yourself and keep on track how much you are spending.)

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