Planning trips is my favourite hobby and procrastination! I love researching about the other country and culture, writing down all the things I wanna see and experience there, planning day to day activities and of course, most importantly looking for prices and budgeting the trip. World offers endless options and choices for you to discover. In this post I am sharing with you some tips crucial to think of when starting to plan a vacation, weekend trips or getaways. 
I have summarized key checklist points for you to download and print here , hope it is useful for your trip planning!:) Now it depends how much in advance you like to plan. 
I got my plans until March done and now thinking even forward for summer holidays. What are your plans for this year?

A summary of key points to highlight:

1. Motivation

Clearly define what is the idea behind of your trip. Is it because you want to discover the place, is it because of you wanted to attend an event/festival there, is it because you want a place to relax and enjoy sunshine or is it because it offers you sports activities that you are unable to do it in your hometown?
Whatever the reason or reasons are, set it clearly so you know what you are going for and plan your time spent there correctly. 

2. Check bargains and book in advance

Checking all suitable flights or other travel options in days you are free to travel. Check for the best accommodation, including hotels, airbnb, hostels or couch surfing. Check for travel agent's deals and packages. Do your research and book in advance.

3. Visas?

Check if the country where are you going need visa, if you do, apply early to avoid any disappointments and delays with paper working. When applying for a visa, you will already need to have booked tickets and accommodation. Also check the processing time, where you should apply for a visa (maybe in the embassy or maybe at the airport?)

4. Budgeting

Set yourself a budget and work from there. How much are you willing to spend for activities? Food? Check prices of places you want to go, check the average prices of the country/city you are going. Try to get familiar with the prices for locals, in order to avoid any scams or over expenses tourist prices.

5. Activities initiary

A week or two before the trip is a good start to look at some tours or activities you may want to do there. Write down all places you want to visit, schedule it by your time availability, places of location in order to fit with your available time there. It is always good to come prepared, at least it will save your time, you will get straight to the point and the rest free evenings or days you can spend to explore local entertainment or do some random walks/trips.

6. Check how you will get to your accommodation

Before your trip, it is good to check and maybe book a transport to your accommodation. Where is the airport? How long does it take? Will you go straight to the accommodation or will be in center first? What time is the train/bus going from/to the airport? From where?
Check and research it prior you get pannick.

7. Check the weather and plan what to pack

A day or two before you leave, check the local weather for the period of time you will stay there. Pack accordingly to the weather. Be prepared also for any cases of rain or colder weather. You never know how the weather is unpredictable. Write down a list of things you need to pack, so you will not forget anything and so you will have time still to buy some last minute necessities if needed.

8. Change money

A day or two change your money currency (also it's good to check what currency they are using before changing, as I know many people who have changed to Euros, because they though all European countries have Euros, oops). Sometimes it is also good to change in the country when you get there.

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