I love to make day trips or weekend getaways when possible. When I am thinking right now, such a shame that back in Czech, I wasn't doing that much, but not whenever I am back, trying to catch up with all that beauty around. However, that's human thinking, we all want something different rather than what is much closer with an easier access. Read 50 reasons why actually you have to visit London at least once and read more of my Dear X diaries here.

UK is very well connected by trains or buses, I advice you to book tickets in advance, because ticket prices may fluctuate. These places are within an hour to 2.5 hours away from London. Great nature and places may be visited in further zones of London too (which may take you 30min to an hour - yet and still in London!).

1. Brighton -
great sea side city with the famous pier and Brighton wheel. Don't forget to get fresh fish and chips over there.

2. Oxford - a beautiful old university city with great architectures. Just couple minutes away from Oxford you may get into the bus which will lead you to Bicester village, which is a biggest outlet in UK

3. Cambridge - another old towns of the great university campus, people say that the city is much better compared to Oxford. Visit both and be your own judge.

4. Manchester - a city know for its football teams, gigs and engineering sides. Very nice red brick city with a nice canal side and night life.

5. Bath - a great town in the countryside known for its hot springs. You have Stonehenge nearby too!

6. The Costwolds area - a pretty rural area covering 6 counties with many nice small villages and nature. Great for some true British countryside walks.

7. Cardiff - a "capital" of Wales, located nearby the waterfront. Let's go explore some Welsh!

8. Eastbourne -  a town in the seaside area, known for a series of white chalk cliffs - Seven Sisters which are not far away from the town.

9. Birmingham - the second largest city (but Manchester seems to be better!)

10. London's surroundings zones and areas (Richmond or Kingston upon Thames)

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