TRAVEL GUIDE: Travelling and enjoying on budget


How to enjoy the world on as little as possible. As a student and an endless wanderlust, I know how it is sometimes such a pain to choose and plan a trip on a tight budget. Especially now, when I do not earn yet enough money to be able to be spending like that from my parent's pocket. Therefore, I always try to solve it somehow and try to spend as little as I can, but still have the most from it. 

1. Bargain hunt

Keep an eye on whatever is going on around. Whether it's holiday packages, hotels, flights or excursions. It's good to check regularly websites or subscribe to their mailing list. Check and compare your flights through Sky Scanner and also do comparion between airlines, hotels or other companys'.

Check low fare airlines first if travelling nearby (e.g.:WizzairRyanair or Easyjet are great to look at if travelling around Europe mainly). They often have also great deals, such as 1+1 or cheap tickets to some destination! Good to check for some spontaneous trips or weekend getawats. It is worth to put some time into researching the best deal.

Don't forget to check what airport it goes to, often the cheap airlines' airports are far away from the city, so ask yourself if you do not mind spending some time after arriving on the bus or train travelling to the city (or taxi?).

If you prefer whole package, check all tourist organizations that it offers the whole package. Read through their pricing, travelling options and daily schedule. If that matches you, the go fot it. Again, research more companies that offer similar trips and compare. Make a list of advantages and disadvantages for easy selection to see what suits you the best.

2. Skip hotels

In terms of accommodation, I have been using Booking majority of my time while travelling, but I have been lately used to check as well Airbnb (by signing through my link you can get some free credits to use when booking).

If you are travelling for lesuire or just for fun, majority of time you will be spending outside (right?) not in the hotel and enjoying all services they got (maybe for a beach holiday or with your partner or family?), therefore book family run places or hostels or places for reasonable price.

Check their reviews and whether the price matches to what they are offering. (My criteris are always within my budget, city center and clean). But others may look for breakfast included, facilities, room size, reputation etc. 

 Airport in Morocco

3. Pack essentials

A travel guide can be read on my blog.

Do not pack too many things that you won't be using at the end. Pack essentials for an occasion and just right for the place. Think about the culture, behaviour or religious. Think about the purpose of why are you actually going there.

Take as minimum as you can. You can always purchase on place in the worse case. Don't need to bring your whole wardrobe and make up shelf.

Make a checklist before packing on what you do actually need and what you actually will be using. It will be a waste of weight and space bringing stuff that you don't use at the end, you can save space for your souvenirs and shoppings to bring back home. 

4. Meet with people

The word is international and thanks to internet we can have access to endless of sources than never before. Use it.

It is always good to know some local people. Either you already know or will meet there. Talk to them, ask them questions and be friendly. It is always handy to know some tips from locals and maybe they can give you a tour.

Ask for the best tips to get around, the best places to eat local food, to best things to do from the local point of view or things to avoid there. It is a great opportunity to experience local things and avoid manstream places.

Whether you are travelling alone, with a friend, family, partner or in the group, go out and meet with people. Talk to the people in the bars, accommodation places or just randomly on the streets.
5. Avoid touristy places

On one hand, yes, you should see all those tourist attractions that the city/country is known for. When finished sight seeing, try something unsual and experience things you can't do back home or you have never done that.

Try local restaurants and their foods if you are already there. Go shopping to their local boutiques and shops. Try to turn left and right all the time when you feel like, don't always stick to the main street. You never know what you can find in hidden places. Local places are always cheaper and you will get merged into their culture more as well as since you are there you have the opportunity to experience their lifetsyle. Take the opportunity to learn and gain some new views and experiences!

6. Keep track of spending

Keep tracking of what are you spending on your travels. So you can always compare between cities or you can set yourself a budget. A good way to monitor your money out, because on holidays we tend to spend more then usual. Download a budgetting app, keep written down all expenses or keep or receipts. I have just came across a great site where it gives you an average overview of diffrent costs and prices of different countries and cities.

7. Travel at night

Costs of travelling (either by train, bus or plane) are much cheaper in late evenings, because they are not that popular time. It is a good way to save on tickets and a night stay in an accommodation. Especially if you are travelling from a city to city or to longer destinations.

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