I am the type of person who wear naked makeup and have my hair directed by nature. Occasionally I put my effort in makeup and hair styling (such as curl my hair only) for some events. Otherwise you would see me only with no or minimum make up, hair down, in ponytails or buns. That's me.
I enjoy and prefer others doing my hair styling and make-up. 
When I was small, I used to have my hair braid many types, while being home for Christmas holidays, I asked my cousin to do braids and here is the result. I really like the look, very edgy. Do you yourself like braids?

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  1. The braids look wonderful on you, and yes when I was younger I used wear my hair braided. Now I just let it loose or wear it in a bun. Boring maybe, but I have so little time, hehe. Love the whole look of the outfit and braids!


  2. cool look! your hair is dope!
    Happy New Year 2016

  3. I'm the same! I'm never in much makeup, and I definitely don't style my hair. Actually, I barely know how (besides using a hair straightener) so event hair is basically a french braid or a bun. Love how edgy your braids are!

    Arielle from Casual 'n Couture

  4. thanks so much for the comment
    it really made my day and I am so happy that you liked my „year 2015 in pictures“
    and btw. Amazing post my dear
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE