Let me tell you something, it feels very uncomfortable for me to not have a camera around. This year, I haven't done many shoots as I used to do in the past, but it doesn't meen I am slowly giving up. It is still my passion and still my vision that I'd like to do in my spare time. This year have been very busy with all of the new changes and sorting my life out (and still not yet fully sorted out).
I was recently inspired by new camera technology to write a blog topic about what goes behind the lenses. I have this thought for a long time already, however haven't managed my ideas together and the time to put the post together. Looking at the new camera technology, I have been thinking how the photography experience for me all evolve. Definitely, new camera technology helps to improve images and in this post I'd like to share with you some of my thoughts and stories from backstage of photoshoots. Got some spare time, keep reading! :)

We are all fascinated by the moment before "the moment" we capture it.  If you do follow my facebook page for photography (if you haven't yet, please do:) ), I have been sharing time to time some snaps from the backstage on the day. I specialize on portraits, beauty and fashion. In general I shoot people. Nice people. Something catchy about those characters.
I would be able to talk about this topic for hours, but let's go to the point. I will be talking about those shoots that I have created, that they are my projects and vision, not talking about commissioned ones.

Sometimes I do invite my friends to come along with me to shoots because I need an extra hand to assist me with lighting, carry stuff or just simple acompany me. I don't know where should I start with this talk, let's say that I start with a vision. I put together a moodboard and then "recruiting" people. Sounds simple, but it is such a long and stressful process.

I like simplicity. I have done some "crazy" projects too just because I wanted.

I love putting my words and vision in this photographic visual way. I love how the photo can describe thousand of words and feelings. I love the own interpretation of it. Sometimes, I can't believe how much effort you have to put into it just to get one perfect image. However, it is always so much fun during the day of a shoot. Meeting new people, getting to know them and exploring unexpected. I have been shooting both on location and in studios and I personally enjoy being outside, as you have more vivid inspirations and always something will happen during the shoot outside!

Let me tell you couple of key take aways, that I have learnt to be as a "photographer".
Firstly, always check continously the weather! 
Secondly, go scout locations! Check before hand what is it like there or accessibility.
Third, have location back ups! In case that it will rain, in case they will "kick you out" or in case that it doesn't to be the right fit for the shoot.
Fourth, have back ups of anything what you can be able to back up. Many times it happens to me, that I have MUA or stylist cancelling last minute. Either I have to know somebody closely who can save my day or have to turn the shoot to be a test or reschedule it (however, don't like to do it, because everybody who is involved in it has taken their day off for this)
Fifth and lastly, be ready that it will not turn as you had in mind. Simply because of resources, wrong choice of people/props or you can't just capture it as you wanted to be like. 

It's just really hard to be describing all things that is happening behind the scenes, just because every shoot is different, different location and different people involved. It might all seems to be fancy, having a styling, make up done and all that, but to create a perfect image takes a while. From the whole chaotic busy day on set, to selecting images to post-processing it.

Let me share you some backstage pics that I have collected.

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