Happy New Year!


The year has reached to the end once again, and I'd like to wish to all of my readers and new comers Happy New Year and may the following year be even better! 

It is unbelieveable how the time flies and it is so great to recall so many nice memories. We all are going through stressed times, hard relationships both with friends, families or love ones. Hence, at the end we all manage to solve our life somehow.
I'd like to recap my highlights of the moments in 2015.

  • Welcoming New Year in south of France and Monaco
  • Moving into 3 new flats/houses in a year
  • Random weekend trip to Copenhagen for 8 pounds.
  • Malta trip as a graduation vacation with a classmate (untill don't know when we will be able to reunite again)
  • Winning a full scholarship and a best business proposal of the school year at IM
  • Winning a scholarship for MBS.
  • For a first time, whole family visiting UK
  • Shanghai <3
  • Moving to a new city -> Manchester
  • Meeting the most inspirational people in my life
  • Weekend getaways
  • Being selected for a language exchange for a following year
  • 2 published editorials and one of them is in print!
  • Attended first travel related event


  1. Obehať svet si za minulý rok stihla poriadne :D Ale verím, že rok 2016 bude pre teba ešte viac úspešný - prajem všetko dobré ♥

  2. Wow, tak tomu se říká úspěšný rok! Přeji, ať je ten další minimálně stejně úspěšný! Máš super blog ;)

  3. I love your blog! <3
    Maybe you want a follow for follow?
    Just leave me a comment and follow me and I do it in return :)


  4. Moc krásné fotky :)